CC Documentation with n-doc

We use n-doc to create the developer CC documentation for our fictional product MauveCorp MauveVPN Client.

The n-doc distribution contains document templates for the Security Targets (ASE), Functional Specification (ADV_FSP), TOE Design Specification (ADV_TDS), Security Architecture (ADV_ARC), Life Cycle (ALC) and Test Coverage (ATE_COV).

n-doc is based on the typesetting system LaTeX. n-doc uses a lightweight in-memory database to represent a model of the target of evaluation. Programs written in Lua access the database during the typesetting process. Custom LaTeX macros transform the database output into text, hyperlinks and generated tables.

n-doc makes use of best practices of software engineering: Versioning with Git, Continuous Integration and Continupus Delivery.

All tools required for producing the documents are packaged in a Docker image.

n-doc is Open Source Software and is distributed under the MIT License.

Consulting, support, customization and training is available through n-design, based in Cologne, Germany. Contact Alexander Krumeich.